3 New Ways to Drink Coffee in Coppell, Texas

Summer is (obviously) here in Texas, and whether you need a little extra motivation to get through the work day or survive the day now that your kids are back home from school, we've got a solution: try a new way to drink coffee in Coppell, TX this summer!


Runyon Cold Brew container on a textured background

Method #1: Cold Brew

If you're familiar with Runyon Coffee, you know we talk endlessly about cold brew, and we're going to talk about it twice as much now that we're hitting 100-degree days for the next week. Why are we so obsessed with cold brew? For four reasons:

  • It cools you off while getting your morning started right.
  • It's exceptionally delicious, especially when made with Payday Roast.
  • It's super easy to make.
  • It saves you time every single morning because you batch brew it in a big container.

Starting your day with cold brew in Texas is almost a necessity at this point. We still enjoy hot coffee in the mornings, but if you're commuting to work (or even worse, working outside once you get to work), the last thing you need is to be sweating the entire time because you're drinking hot coffee (case in point: you'll probably see us with cold brew at the Coppell Farmers Market each morning because without it, we'd be drenched in sweat).

We've been making it with Payday Roast lately because it comes out incredibly smooth thanks to the high quality of the Nicaraguan beans we get from Finca Agua Fresca. We also put together an easy-to-follow step-by-step video on how to make cold brew on our Instagram page. And, even better, we've got a blog post on the ultimate guide for making cold brew. So if you're looking to have the best summer of coffee ever, we've got you covered!


Hario V60 pour over dripper on a London-themed mug

Method #2: V60 Pour Over

This method is just a great way to add purposeful intention to your coffeemaking routine. Think of pour over coffee making like a meditation in the morning: you grind the beans, you heat the water, you intentionally pour the water over the grinds and you wait for the result. It's maybe not an every day thing, but it helps break up the routine and put the focus on something worth doing.

We highlighted the Hario V60 dripper because it's a popular pour over coffee maker that many coffee enthusiasts swear by. The V60 is known for its unique cone shape and spiraled ridges, which help to evenly distribute the water and coffee grounds. The result is a great way to start the morning or to break up the afternoon a bit.

When brewing coffee with the V60, it's important to start by rinsing the paper filter with hot water. This will help to remove any paper taste from the filter and also preheat the brewer. Next, add your coffee grounds to the V60 and give them a gentle shake to level them out. Slowly pour hot water over the grounds, starting in the center and spiraling outwards. Be sure to pour slowly and evenly, taking care not to over-extract the coffee. Using a scale makes all of this easier, but a lot of the time it's not totally necessary. If you're using a high-quality coffee and you're learning a bit from trial and error, you'll get a great cup every time.


AeroPress being used to make Runyon Coffee Payday Roast

Method #3: The AeroPress

AeroPress is a coffee maker that uses a unique brewing method to produce a cup of coffee with exceptional flavor. We find that when you're using a really good coffee, the AeroPress can often bring out the best qualities of the coffee. Most people (like us) are just totally amazed that such a simple device can make such great coffee.

To use the AeroPress, simply place the coffee grounds in the chamber, add hot water, and then plunge the AeroPress to extract the coffee. The AeroPress is ideal for making iced coffee, too, as it produces a concentrate that can be diluted with cold water or milk. Additionally, the AeroPress is portable and easy to use, making it a great choice for coffee lovers on the go (especially if you're doing some camping or backpacking this summer).


How are you enjoying your Runyon Coffee this summer? Are there any favorite methods we missed? Be sure to contact us or say hey at the various markets we'll be at this summer!