About Runyon Coffee

So who is my Coppell coffee roaster neighbor?

Justin and Kay Runyon at the Coppell Farmers Market

Hello, I'm Justin Runyon.

My coffee journey began in 2003 with my first job at Juri's Cafe in Shreveport, La.

There, I learned all the basics of how to run a coffee shop, from making drinks to excellent customer service. It's also where I really first developed my passion for entrepreneurship.

After leaving Shreveport for LSU and spending years away from craft coffee, I was eager to get back into the game.

I had to get back to what I really, really loved.

I got into roasting after one of my best friends, Jacob, started sending me the coffee he was roasting at home on his Behmor 1600 Plus. I wanted to capture the same quality he was making but at a larger scale, so I built my own roaster with a 12 lb. drum and a propane heat source. And, thanks to the Coppell Farmers Market, I get to share it with people in Coppell, Irving, Flower Mound, Carrollton and more.

What makes the coffee so good?

The #1 reason that our coffee is so good is because it's all roasted by me by hand and given the attention and quality it deserves. It also doesn't sit in a warehouse for months waiting to be sold - it's produced in smaller batches with great attention to detail.

I don't just throw beans in the drum and wait. I actively participate in the process by continuously adjusting the heat, listening for first and second crack and cooling as soon as possible to make sure the beans roast exactly as intended.