Introducing Our Newest Coffee, "Payday Roast"!

We can barely contain the excitement we have about our newest coffee, the "Payday Roast".

This bean, sourced directly from the Agua Fresca Estate in Jinotega, Nicaragua, came to us through a friend who happened to have a friend whose family owned the farm. Our good friend got us in touch, and the rest is history... that we get to roast and share with you!

What makes it so special?

These Nicaraguan beans are grown with care at high altitudes in the Devil's Peak Nature Reserve (Reserva Natural Cerro Dantali El Diablo). If you've ever seen pictures of the Nicaraguan north central highlands, you've probably seen beautifully green forests covering sloping mountains that receive the perfect amount of rainfall to grow delicious coffee beans. Abundant natural water sources (hence the name, "Agua Fresca") help keep the water quality high for the traditional wet milling and fermentation processes at the farm, and also provide the necessary clean water for the washing process.

You'll immediately notice the difference that the six water sources on the property have on the beans; the roast is so clean, and you get a very clear, distinct fresh coffee flavor with every sip.

This is one of those coffees that you can introduce to people who aren't used to drinking coffee black, too. It has incredibly approachable smoothness that lingers just enough to appreciate, then begs you take another sip to get that delicious taste again.


Why the name "Payday Roast"?

Simple: when you taste this coffee, you'll feel like you hit the jackpot. It brings an elevated flavor and smoothness that goes just a bit above our Weekday Roast, so if you like the Weekday you'll definitely like the Payday.

We wanted to keep this one in our original naming scheme (along with Weekend Roast and Hump Day Blend), too, and when you think about the feeling you get when you see that money in your account on payday, you'll understand why we chose the name. This is one coffee that you can definitely take to the bank, but it's much better at home in your cup!


Do you plan to sell it in a 12 oz version?

For now, we're going to keep this one at 16 oz only. After seeing how quickly our taste testers were going through our sample batches, we realized that 12 oz would go too quickly, so it's best to make sure you're prepared with a whole pound.