Our favorite (other) Runyon brands

One of our favorite things about being named Runyon Coffee Company has been finding other brands in all different industries that are also named "Runyon."

This started with meeting our friends at Runyon House Roasts when we realized we, obviously, had similar businesses!

But, then we found other interesting brands named Runyon that we've made friends with over the past couple years. We hope you'll check out their websites and see what they're up to!


Surfboard with Runyon Surfboards logo on it

Runyon Surfboards

Having the right board is essential to really enjoying surfing, especially when it comes to the waves in coastal North Carolina. Runyon Surfboards has a board for anybody's style, and if you're looking for something custom, Clint Runyon will make sure you're taken care of. One of our favorite things about Runyon Surfboards is, like us, Clint is self-taught in designing and building his surfboards. That means he's put in countless hours thinking about how to make better boards, and he pours everything into his work to make sure every wave you catch is an enjoyable one.

Clint is a former Marine and discovered a love for surfing after being stationed in sunny southern California. His career as a Marine took him all over the place, and one of the places he credits with helping him improve his passion for making great boards was Okinawa, Japan. After retiring in 2020, Clint is now working on spending time with family, friends and, of course, making the some of the best surfboards out there. Be sure to check them out!


Runyon Training Concepts

Located at over 8,500 ft. in Cañon City, CO, Runyon Training Concepts is the absolute best place to train at high altitudes. Whether you're looking to train in natural low-oxygen environment, improve your recovery using high altitudes, get in shape, work toward an endurance sport goal or prepare for an adventurous vacation, Runyon Training Concepts will set you up for success. They have everything you need on 46-acres of beautiful Colorado mountains and forests, and some things you might not have ever even thought of:

  • Private recovery cabins (for the sleeping part of training)
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Full access to private gym onsite with Olympic weights, cardio equipment, and more
  • 18 ft. Wellis Swim Spa
  • Hot tub

All of the training is supervised by Dan Runyon, a former Army Green Beret and 9-time Ironman who is not only welcoming and friendly, but who will push you to exactly where you need to be to achieve your goals. Make a weekend at Runyon Training Concepts part of your training regimen, then go and explore the rest of what Cañon City and the surrounding area has to offer!


Runyon House Roasts logo

Runyon House Roasts

Our second favorite coffee in the world comes from Runyon House Roasts. Sorry, Ed, we're just SLIGHTLY biased. But it is important for us to note that Runyon House Roasts has a completely different (and unique) style from how we roast. They use an air roaster which pushes a fluid bed of hot air past the beans to roast them. The beans actually spin in a vortex, which is super cool to see (and unlike most drum roasts, you can see the whole thing in action!). 

Ed Runyon began roasting after a lifelong love of coffee, especially the smell, which he considers just as "calming and wonderful as those Pure Michigan Commercials on the radio." In addition to making great coffee, Ed also takes great pictures as a full-time professional photographer.


Runyon Canyon Apparel hat

Runyon Canyon Apparel

The further you go west, the more likely people will say, "Oh, like the canyon," when you tell them your last name is Runyon. Well, imagine how cool it was when we discovered an athletic apparel brand named Runyon Canyon Apparel thanks to our friends at Runyon Training Concepts.

The coolest thing about Runyon Canyon Apparel, other than being named "Runyon", is that they purposely sell clothing that's authentically made in the United States. The second coolest thing is that it's fantastic athletic apparel designed for runners, hikers and anybody who sweats when they get outside. They also do a great job of throwing in free stuff when you spend $50, $100, $150, etc. We now have like 4 Runyon Canyon bandanas which I wear on runs around Coppell, TX!


Every where we go, we love meeting new Runyons, so if you know of any other businesses named Runyon we need to meet or visit, definitely let us know!