Roasted coffee from Texas: 5 reasons why you should pick Runyon Coffee

If you've met me at one of the local markets we sell at, you'll immediately know how passionate I am about coffee, and I'm even more passionate about Texas-roasted coffee because it really embodies the independent spirt of Texas. That's why I want to give you a little bit more info about Runyon Coffee, how we got started and what we're planning for the future.

We're a small business located in Coppell, TX, and we sell some of the freshest roasted coffee in the state. We roast all our coffee by hand using a custom coffee roaster we built ourselves, and we take great pride in providing delicious, locally roasted coffee to our friends and neighbors here in North Texas. If you're looking for a great cup of Texas roasted coffee, be sure to check out our collection of coffee beans. We offer a variety of blends and single origin coffees, all of which are roasted to perfection and sure to please even the most discerning coffee drinker.


Here are five reasons why you're sure to enjoy Runyon Coffee:

Reason #1: We are your Coppell, TX coffee roaster

We specifically chose Coppell because it's one of the top communities in Texas, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Coppell has great schools, friendly local businesses and so many like-minded people that just want their community to be a safe and healthy place. If you live in Coppell, you live here for a reason: it's just great.

When we discovered the Coppell Farmers Market, our love of Coppell grew even more. The fact that the city does such a great job hiring the right people and working with volunteers to provide such an accessible market for our town is a testament to just how much "community" is a true thing here. It's so good that many of the farmers market patrons come from towns as far away as Fort Worth, McKinney and south Dallas just to get the best quality products in DFW.

Our goal is to stay in Coppell and eventually open a larger roasting facility in the area code 75019. Currently, we're roasting on a small-batch machine we built ourselves. Which leads us to our next point...


Reason #2: We have a unique custom-built roaster you won't find anywhere else in DFW

When researching how to get into coffee roasting at a larger scale, we found a method that ended up becoming even more amazing than we ever dreamed.

It started by buying a 12-lb. capacity custom-built steel drum and mounting it to an electric motor to turn the coffee over a propane heat source. The result is a very high-temperature roasting solution that makes just enough coffee so that we can scale our roasting without losing the individual quality inspection that you get when you roast small-batch like we do.

If you've had our coffee, you'll notice that the finished product is always smooth, pleasant and without the bitterness that 99% of roasted coffees have. The result is an approachable cup every time that makes even those who swear they don't even like coffee give coffee a second chance.


Reason #3: We're putting in the sweat effort to get better and better

Every roast we do is a chance to learn more and more about coffee roasting. Each day, we strive to get better and better, and our goal of doing that helps us make coffee that's worth the price every time you purchase it. Though our coffee is affordably priced compared to a lot of the competition (who even charge $20 or so for a 12 oz. bag!), it can be more expensive than what many coffee drinkers are used to. But, if you consider the attention to detail, the effort put in and the commitment to reducing costs where possible, you'll see that the price is completely worth it.

Eventually we want to purchase a larger roaster and grow our sales channels, but for now, we're letting the extra elbow grease we give the machine do the hard work for us. And we hope it shows in every bag of coffee you buy!

We're also passionate about sharing our knowledge about what we learn on our blog and in person. For instance, we recently did a seminar at the Cozby Library in Coppell about how to make great coffee every time. Our blog posts aim to cover some of the most important topics people are curious about, such as "How many scoops of coffee go in each cup?" and "How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?"


Reason #4: You're supporting your Coppell neighbors

Living in Coppell and selling at the Coppell Farmers Market are two things that we're especially proud of. Every time you purchase a bag of Runyon Coffee, you're supporting your neighbors who live and spend their money in the same town you live in. In a time where every dollar counts and the money you spend supports what you believe in, it means the world that Coppell coffee lovers choose us. And we hope that sentiment is shared every time we interact with our neighbors here in Coppell!


Reason #5: We'll be at the Coppell Farmers Market every Saturday!

The best way to get to know us and our coffee is by coming out to the Coppell Farmers Market! We'll be there every Saturday, so mark your calendar and come out to see us. One of our favorite things is to meet coffee lovers in Coppell, Irving, Carrollton, Lewisville and beyond, and that connection that we have with the people who buy our coffee is one of the most important things to us.

Why spend your money elsewhere when you know the money spent with us stays in the community and is working to help grow the community through the Coppell Farmers Market? We think it's a worthwhile effort to come to the market, see what all the producers have and spend money with hardworking people who appreciate the good things in life just like you do!