Why should I buy Runyon Coffee?

I'm going to start my very first blog post by answering the #1 question you probably have in your head right now.

Why should I buy Runyon Coffee?

And the answer is: you should buy Runyon Coffee because it's the best damn coffee you'll drink this year.

Here are some other supporting reasons:

  • Runyon Coffee is made small batch in Coppell, TX by one man: Justin Runyon (me).
  • Runyon Coffee is roasted with over 15 years of experience and knowledge of coffee.
  • Runyon Coffee is fresh, flavorful and smooth. You probably haven't had coffee as good as this if you've been drinking Starbucks or Community Coffee for a while.

Why name it "Runyon Coffee"?

I chose to name it "Runyon Coffee" because I firmly believe putting your name on something means two things:

  1. You believe in the quality enough that you're willing to associate you and your family with it. (Runyons are quality people. There's even another coffee roaster named Runyon in Michigan who does the same thing.)
  2. You intend to keep the business and dedicate yourself to learning, improving and hustling to make better coffee year after year.

"Okay, that's great. But who are you and why should I really care?"

I'm Justin Runyon and I started roasting coffee after one of my best friends began sending me his home roasts through the mail. I introduced him to coffee back in 2002 when I worked in a small coffee shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. When I first tasted his roasts, I knew I had to get into it myself. I'm also not one to keep a good thing secret for too long, so I knew I also had to share these roasts with others.

After building my own roaster using a drum kit with a motor and firing up my first roasts, I was amazed at how well they were turning out. After sharing with family and friends, I knew I had to start a website and begin sharing my roasts with the world. I personally love nutty, bright Kenyan roasts, so my first roast was the "Weekend Roast" (because I'd save my friend's best Kenyan roasts for the weekend). Then, I began experimenting with a roast you can drink every day, and the "Weekday Roast" was born. My plan is to release a darker roast next to round out the Runyon Coffee flavor profile and have something for everything.

Then, we'll begin blending to make our roasts even more perfect. Until then, enjoy the beginning of the journey with us, and we can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Feel free to email me at justin@runyoncoffee.com any time!